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Ingleside is a 1,500 acre mixed use commercial property. The entire property has been master planned with the the goal of creating a sustainable community where people can enjoy easy access to work, shopping, entertainment, nature and each other. 



Multi-Family Residential

Ingleside Apartments

Cypress River Apartments

The Ingleside property features two Class A apartment communities, totaling approximately 600 residential units. These beautiful apartment communities offer residents affordable rental housing for the areas rapidly growing population. There are currently two additional multi-family properties under planning within the Ingleside property.



Palmetto Commerce ParkwaY

Weber Boulevard

Ingleside has ~500 acres of land that falls within the Palmetto Commerce Park Corridor. This area has experienced enormous economic growth and is now the home to some of the worlds largest coorporations (including Mercedes-Benz, Boeing, Cummins Turbo Diesel, and Shimano). The Ingleside industrial lands are uniquely zoned and positioned to attract industry leaders to the North Charleston area.



Bank of South CarolinA

Project Phoenix

Due to its superior location and flexible zoning, the Ingleside property has attracted a number of large office space users. The 40,000 square foot Bank of South Carolina building is currently under planning, and plans are under way for a 90,000 square foot operations center. These developments will foster as many as 750 new jobs within the Ingleside property, and will help create the daytime population that to spark further retail development 

Retail / Mixed Use

Ingleside BoulevarD

Weber Boulevard

At the heart of the Ingleside property's governing Planned Devlopment Document is a focus on well planned mixed use and retail development. The property owners are currently under contract with Bass Pro Shops to build a 30 acre retail and hospitality destination center. Further plans for the property include the creation of a cinema/entertainment complex and retail shopping center.