The Ingleside Property's Existing Road System

The development of the Ingleside property has been aided by over $40 Million worth of public infrastructure improvements. The 3.2 mile Ingleside Boulevard and the 0.5 mile Weber Boulevard overpass improvements were constructed with the support and management of the City of North Charleston and the Charleston County Government.  These road sections were critical in establishing a link between US Highway-78 directly to Ashley Phosphate.

Below are a few images of the existing infrastructure project that current serve the Ingleside property.

The Ingleside Property's New Road System

In recent years, Weber USA as the master developer has begun the process of building connection roads throughout the larger Ingleside property. To date, the company has spent ~$14M in road and utility extensions to help foster vertical project development. Recent project include:

Weber Boulevard [Phase One] ,Weber Boulevard [Phase Two], Zeppelin Drive [Phase One] and Blue House Road Extension.

Palmetto Commerce Interchange

Charleston County and the City of North Charleston have put together a plan to help alleviate the increasing traffic concerns on Ashley Phosphate and Interstate I-26. The current plan calls for the extension of Palmetto Commerce Parkway over Ashley Phosphate Road, and the creation of a new interchange which will connect I-26 to Ingleside Blvd and Palmetto Commerce via Weber Boulevard. Information regarding those improvements is shown below.