Ingleside Residential Communities

Ingleside has been master planned and zoned to accommodate over 4,000 residential units. In order to create a cohesive live-work development, the property's ownership has focused on fostering a residential community component that is built on the principles of walk-ability, mix of uses, and ease of access. The Ingleside Master Planned property is currently home to four (4) multi-family apartment communities totaling approximately 1,200 units, with more to come.

Existing and proposed Ingleside Apartment Developments

Ingleside Apartments - 306 Residential Units (Completed in 2010)

Cypress River Apartments – 288 Residential Units (Completed in 2013)

Mosby Ingleside – 312 Residential Units (Completed in 2018)

The Lively Indigo Run – 305 Residential Units (Completed in 2018) 

Davis Development- 280 Residential Units (Completed 2020)

Existing Ingleside Apartment Developments

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